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Fee Questions Answered

Of course you have questions about how much HOLISM will cost you.  This is usually our first question, isn't it?  Is this going to break the bank?  Can I afford to do this for myself?  With so many responsibilities how can I justify spending money on me?

Of course we all have these kinds of concerns.  But I can tell you, yes it is doable and yes you are worth spending money on.  So lets break it down.

The Monthly Fee & What You Receive

HOLISM is a 12 week program (or three months).  The monthly fee is $379.  

I put a lot of thought into this price since the program embodies enormous value.  Here is the price broken down so that you can see what you're paying for.

Weekly 90 minute strategies group

Includes two groups with Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner for expert nutritional guidance.

Weekly 45 minute webinar

Includes time to ask your specific questions and receive individualized support between groups

Facebook group support

Includes motivational guidance and inspirational support 

One Free individual session with me

(for in-person groups only)

Getting Started

You can hold your spot in either an in-person or virtual group with a deposit of $100.  The remaining first month payment is not paid until the end of your first Strategies Group.

This way you'll have a chance to experience the benefits of HOLISM before even making a full payment.


The first payment of $379 is paid at the end of your first Strategies Group.  

The remaining balance of $758 must be paid by week 6 in either one or two installments.  

Virtual member payment plans may vary.


I believe that HOLISM can create enormous change in your life.  Of course, sometimes situations change or we discover that a product or program is not the right fit.  Completed groups/webinars/weekly fb group membership are non-refundable, all remaining funds are fully refundable.  The $100 deposit is non-refundable.

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Click the link below to begin!  

You will not be asked to submit any payment at this time.  I will email you to schedule a time to talk about when you'd like to begin HOLSIM and then make your initial deposit to hold you seat.

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