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For Moms, A Guide to Fine What's Missing

Even good moms can feel resentful.  Even if there is family, financial success, health, we can still feel like there is something unfulfilled.  

In this guide you will find an explanation of self-discovery and how it can change our lives, strategies for self-validation and compassion and a visioning meditation with a Yoga posture to move through fears that keep you stuck. 

Free Videos

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It's Possible To Be Totally Fulfilled

Everything might look good on the outside, but on the inside you may feel lost or empty.  As moms we frequently lose ourselves in the busyness of life; kids, career, obligations and responsibilities...what about me?

This free video offers clear methods to begin your journey of self discovery.  Sarah Dionne provides direction and a peaceful, validating space for you to begin listening to your own inner guidance

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All Moms Worry

But when the worry begins to take away from your ability to enjoy your baby and daily life, it might be postpartum anxiety.

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Feeling Gratitude Even When Life Gets Hard

It's possible to experience gratitude even when life gets hard.  In this video Sarah shares a simple strategy to create gratitude and also how this can be used to manage anxiety and shame about a changed body from pregnancy

Online Courses

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On Line Courses

Soon you will have access to two online courses Sarah is working on - The Course For Happiness & Find Your Way to YOU for Moms 

These Courses will be available by November 2020

Come back soon to find out more!


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