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If you are a mom who feels overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, these weekly inspirational packets will be an incredible source of guidance and insight.

About Sarah

Sarah Dionne grew up in a family of artists.  She began studying fine arts in her early years and later in college.

Yet, her creative spirit was different than her family members'.  She was always more intense, becoming lost in her work for days, losing her inspiration to depression or finding herself feeling totally isolated and alone. 


Sarah lived with undiagnosed bipolar well into her late twenties.  Her illness led to many difficult battles that created enormous shame, launching her into eating disorders and an impulsive, chaotic life.

Finally, in 2006, Sarah began a long journey of self discovery and healing.  She committed herself to restoring her mind, body and spirit through creative expression, spiritual study and Yoga.  Out of a desire to help others like herself, in 2009 she began a path to become a psychotherapist at Simmons College School of Social Work, where she focused her studies on spirituality in psychotherapy. 

Since then, Sarah has been privilaged to work with bereaved children and families, refugee children and mothers, prenatal and postpartum women, girls and women living with eating disorders and more.

She has many years of study and practice in the areas of creative arts therapy and narrative therapy (the therapeutic art of story telling). 


Then, in 2016, Sarah had her daughter, Anna, which changed her life forever.  During postpartum, she battled depression and anxiety, the eating disorder reemerged and she found her mental health spiraling out of control.  Because of self-judgement and shame, it took Sarah two years to finally get the help she needed and deserved.


Anna inspired Sarah to change her life.  Sarah made it her mission to completely accept all of herself, mind, body and spirit, so that her daughter would have the opportunity to grow under her loving and compassionate influence.

Anna's inspiration did not stop there.  Soon she also gave Sarah the vision for JoAnna and the Spirit Frog ©

Today Sarah's purpose is to offer mothers and girls compassion and support so that they, too, can totally accept and love themselves, mind, body and spirit.

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What You Will Receive Every Week

You will be emailed a full packet of journal prompts, a new and original affirmation card, and holistic strategies for healing that include creative coping strategies, helpful Yoga postures, breathing techniques, and more to support you through the week.

"I put enormous effort into my work because it's important to me that what I give is effective and truly supportive.  The stress, anxiety, overwhelm or depression we face need  attention so that moms can create the change they want while receiving the validation and compassion they deserve."

- Sarah

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Weekly Original Affirmation and Meditation Cards

"JoAnna and the Spirit Frog    " are charming characters that offer wisdom, encouragement and compassion.

Every week you will receive a new printable card that offers kindness and support to both moms and children.  


It is my mission to give moms the compassion and support they need and deserve.

Sarah Dionne, LICSW

Founder of Whole Health Collaborative

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You will receive strategies and exercises based in Western mental health therapy along with the teachings of Yoga and Taoism.   

The many different tools and strategies you will receive  create insight and mindfulness, which are then used alongside journaling and affirmation cards.

Putting all of these techniques together is a powerful method of creating change.

Your Weekly Therapeutic Exercises and Inspirations

Click below for two complete examples of what is included

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We All Need Some Inspiration

It's easy to get caught up in life, lose sight of our hopes or feel discouraged.  It happens to me, it happens to everyone.  Getting weekly inspirations  with simple guidance helps.  It reminds us to keep going, it helps us feel less alone, it keeps our minds focused on a balanced and fulfilling path.

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JoAnna and the Spirit Frog©


Affirmation & Meditation Cards for Moms and Children

In these original works by Sarah Dionne, you'll discover a young and insightful girl who often finds herself struggling with the challenges in her life.

However, JoAnna has a strong bond with her wise spirit animal, the Spirit Frog.  

With his compassion and wisdom based in the traditions of Yoga and Taoism, JoAnna walks through the trials of her life with the unending love of the Universe by her side.

You, too, will experience enormous validation and compassion from the Spirit Frog as this endearing girl brings forward questions, fears and judgements, joys, gratitude and blessings

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From beginning to end, Sarah creates these cards with thought, love and an authentic desire to provide you with compassion & inspiration.

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Looking forward to sharing love and light with you!

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