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Working Together

Uplifting Holistic Health

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The Healing Table

founded by Stephanie McCusker

Stephanie and her holistic providers offer an enormous array of holistic services, classes and products to soothe the soul.

Services include Reiki healing, Shamanic healing, empowerment classes, community gatherings for mothers and more.

The Healing Table is currently located 

284 Monponsett St in Halifax and they will be joining WHC in January, 2023.

Book services or shop now, click below to find out more.

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Sound Healing

Healing Vibrations with Lori Fitzpatrick

Lori brings sound healing here to WHC.


Sound vibration is potent energy. We experience vibrational frequencies in everything that exists. Each atom and cell is tuned to its own frequency and held together by sound. Through harmonic resonance, the body, mind, and spirit can be brought back to a state of harmony and well-being. 

Lori Fitzpatrick is a sound healing practitioner. Through channeling vibrational sound and energy, she facilitates the mending of old emotional, mental, and spiritual energy blocks that cause recurring obstacles in life.  

Sound sessions consist of the tranquil tones from Tibetan singing bowls interwoven with a unique assortment of calming instruments. Sound healing has been known to be effective in treating many common ailments such as:

Headaches, Insomnia, Pain, Addictions, Stress and Anxiety.


Appointments are available Monday and Thursday evenings and Saturday day.  


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Sound Healig
Skin, Akashic R. & More
Health Coach
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Mothers in Holistic Health

These women dedicate themselves to holistic healing services while balancing life as busy moms.  To collaborate together, Sarah Dionne and these women spread the word about each others' work in the spirit of reciprocity, empowering one another as mothers and healers.


Skin Care for Rosacea 

Dr. Tara O’Desky specializes in the treatment of chronic skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema, and issues involving the gut-skin axis. By thoroughly reviewing a patient’s medical history, she is able to determine the specific underlying causes and treat those conditions holistically. In 2019 she healed her own rosacea after 20 years of ineffective treatments and medications. She has since helped hundreds of patients of all ages with rosacea, chronic gut problems, toxicity, and food sensitivities, by developing her own holistic program for chronic skin conditions.

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Akashic Reading & Yoga

Danielle Parker is the owner of The Salty Blossom, a company that focuses on helping others to understand and harness positive energy in their lives. To do so, Danielle uses the tools of Akashic Records, crystals, Reiki, and yoga. She believes the joy that results from this process enables us to remember who we truly are.

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Pre & Postnatal Care

Ashley is the owner of Mama Bees Wellness, a company that provides pre- and postnatal services to help families through the transition to parenthood. She is a licensed Occupational Therapist, Certified Breastfeeding Specialist, and pre- and postnatal yoga instructor. She utilizes movement, breath, nutrition, habits, and environmental optimization to provide families with routines to thrive through the early postpartum period.

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Health & Fitness Coaching

Jillian currently resides in Massachusetts with her husband, daughter and dog. She currently works in 5G Thought Leadership at Dell Technologies and is a health and fitness coach. She has struggled with her weight, binge eating and diet pill addiction her whole life. In finding a fitness and nutrition lifestyle that worked for her she has been able to help 2000+ women on their journey to make health a part of their life instead of a ‘diet’. 

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Coming Soon!


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Coming Soon!


Akashic Records
Prenatal Postnatal

More of Our Collaborators

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Dr. Claudia Cometa

Patient Advocacy

Dr. Claudia Cometa is a clinical pharmacist by profession, independent patient advocate by passion, and seeker of deep spiritual truths. She spent over a decade of her career managing high risk medications and shifted her journey after caring for her father during his cancer treatment. She now helps people navigate the healthcare system and find peace in their wellness journey.

patient advocacy
Book keeping

Kelsey Gilliland

Book Keeping for Health Care Providers

Kelsey Gilliland is owner of Changing Lives Bookkeeping.  She is passionate about helping health and medical allied business owners achieve time freedom by caring for their books! 


Kelsey is married to her husband, Jonathan, and has a beautiful daughter, Annabelle. Kelsey loves pouring into her family and making memories with them! 

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The Full Story

I believe in collaboration and reciprocity.  While building WHC and my private mentoring practice, I felt overwhelmed by the over saturation of advertisements and the lack of authenticity in marketing.

I decided to do something different.  In the spirit of Whole Health Collaborative, I began reaching out to providers who's missions are in alignment with WHC's purpose.  As they share the light and love WHC offers, in return, we uplift their personal endeavors and dreams.

WHC is interested in collaborating with all types of holistic providers

Interested?  Contact Sarah

The Full Story
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