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This is How Mothers

Outmatch Stress & Anxiety:

a Powerful and  Holistic Way to

Relieve Stress & Anxiety

How mothers can

Use The Chakras:

A Full Beginners Guide

to Using the Chakras to Master Life

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I'm so Glad You Are Here

Since you are here, I'm guessing you're a mom who's been struggling with stress, anxiety or feeling totally overwhelmed.

I'm also guessing that you're looking for a holistic way to find relief,

if that's the case, this webinar would be great for you.

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Who this Webinar is for

This webinar is for moms who are feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed by this crazy, chaotic world and the constant to-do's of motherhood.  

This is for moms who are very busy, yet want to find holistic ways to feel less stress, better about themselves, their bodies and their lives.

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What it's all about

How to use specific skills of Yoga to create compassion for you body, mind & spirit

Ways to strengthen your ability to cope with stress and anxiety using three key strategies


Simple techniques that  you can use every day to feel better now

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Resuming in 2021

Resuming in 2021

Resuming in 2021

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Hi, I'm Sarah,

I decided to create this webinar because I believe these are things that moms need to know.

I dealt with anxiety and worry since childhood.  As a mother it only got worse.  I had anxiety about everything from my body to career to being a good enough mother...

Three years ago I looked at my daughter and knew that I could not pass my anxiety, especially the shame I felt about my body, on to her.  I needed to change.  

I made it my mission to not only find peace within myself, but to love me entirely; body, mind, and spirit.

Through this journey I experienced what some might call an awakening.  The worry and anxiety fell away and no longer controlled my life.  I finally had access to true happiness and joy.

I want that for you.

I want that for every mother.

I'm now a Yoga psychotherapist and life coach, I specialize in managing anxiety during motherhood, solving struggles with body image or eating disorders, using Yoga to feel balanced and confident for mind-body-spirit healing and happiness.

I hope you'll join me and begin your personal journey to, not only feel more calm, love yourself, body, mind & spirit.


Find Calm In Your Body

I'm so glad you were here,

I hope I'll have the chance to share

this with you.

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