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A Long and Beautiful Journey of Transformation.

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An introduction to my YouTube Channel, Awaken Your Spirit, a channel for mothers.  Don't forget to subscribe!

It's hard to fit everything I'd like to say in a single video.  This is a little more on my daughter's influence in my life.  Anna is an incredible, kind spirit...a light at heart.  If she has candy, she will offer you the last one.  If she is concerned about you, she will come to you and ask what is wrong.   She is always finding ways to give gifts to others and express love.  She is my greatest teacher.​

Anna inspired me to change my life.  I made it my mission to completely accept all of myself, mind, body and spirit, so that my daughter would have the opportunity to grow under a loving and compassionate influence.

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​Anna's inspiration did not stop there.  She is the on who gave me the the vision for JoAnna and the Spirit Frog ©.

Today my purpose is to offer mothers and girls compassion and support so that they, too, can totally accept and love themselves, mind, body and spirit to live the joyful and abundant lives they deserve.

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