Sarah Dionne,


Mind Body Spirit Mentor for High Performing Women

"This is about Owning Your Power as a woman, mother, entrepreneur and professional, stepping into your Goddess nature, a true journey of growth, self discovery and love."

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Meet Sarah

I'm so glad you're here.  I am sure there is a reason we are crossing paths because all things align for a purpose.

I am a mind-body-spirit mentor for women who are high preforming.  They are achievers, mothers, business owners, purposeful creators...

Our work together is two fold.  

Together, we finetune the daily practices you already have in place, we dive deep into energy healing and hidden spiritual needs, release energetic blocks from past traumas and rejuvenate fulfillment and creativity.

Through this work, we unlock your success at not only a higher level of accomplishment and abundance, but at a deeper level of joy, fulfillment and personal freedom.

Yet, we don't have to stop there. 

Then we can explore the energy alignment of your business and your team, opening doors to renewed productivity and richness within the heart of your business culture.  You will receive clear mind-body-spirit methods to use within these relationships and also have the option to include me as a consultant.


The Journey is to Discover the unity and power of our Entire Selves,
Mind, Body & Spirit

- Sarah

Work with Me

Am I the right fit?  Learn about my work as a spiritual guide and mentor along with the packages that will fit your needs.

The Inspirational Tool Box for Mothers and their Children

A powerful journey for moms dealing with anxiety, stress or overwhelm.

My Methods



Mentoring is all about

  • guiding you toward concise shifts in the effective mind-body-spirit routines you already have in place.  

  • intertwining energetic and personal spiritual practices into your daily life

  • applying these methods, first to yourself, your productivity, your success and then outwardly into the relationships and culture of your business and team


Through our work together we

  • rejuvenate productivity and life/work fulfillment

  • release past traumas hidden blocks stored within the body

  • reconnect with forgotten dreams that are simply waiting to emerge in your life

Unity with Yoga 

Unity With Yoga is a unique and effective method of intertwining the body, mind, and spirit within self exploration and mentoring.  It is not similar to a typical Yoga class and differs from "Yoga therapy". 


The fundamental movements and practices of Yoga are used within the context of a session to experience mindfulness, presence and grounding.  Through exploring these experiences, negative emotions and beliefs that have been blocking you can be uncovered and resolved.

In combination with Yogic movement, breath work and meditation practices are an important part of  furthering your transformation.  This includes Yogic techniques that you will be able to use on a daily basis to sustain long lasting change.

 Energy Healing 

As an intuitive, I frequently bring energy insight and healing into sessions if it resonates with you.

I practice energy insight through tuning into the chakra system and giving you the images, symbols and messages that come through.  

Following this insight we explore various ways of healing, both through our work together and practices to be carried out at home.

The goal of my work is to empower women to engage in their personal energy and create healing within their own lives, therefore, a large part of energy work is education, self study and practice.

Through this, incredible healing can occur

Simple Inspirations on ETSY

By meeting virtually, I am able to mentor women around the country and beyond.  Through the use of online platforms, we can easily come together from a distance and create powerful change.

If you're ready to begin your journey to success and healing... I can be your guide.  It would be wonderful to hear from you.  I will be quick to respond, within 24 to 48 hours.



I sell organic CBD produced by Green Compass, it's a product I believe in and use myself.


CBD is an excellent elixir for sleeplessness, stress, mild anxiety, pain, skin irritations and more.

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"Yoga is a dance with the Spirit...

there's so much more than just postures...the dance is also within our minds and our authentic selves.  Yoga opens our eyes to who we really.  It allows us to let go of all the things that are holding us back so that we can discover what will fulfill us, what will make us truly happy and alive"

Sarah Dionne


Am I the Right Fit For You?

I mentor high performing women to use their minds, bodies and spirits to resolve internal trauma, clear blocks holding them back from rewarding productivity and to reach for their greatest dreams.

Our work together includes all aspects of the self; mind, body and spirit.  Together we create a sacred space for your greatest success.


Most coaches and mentors work with many clients simultaneously, which drains their inner resources.

I work with 3 to 5 clients at a time.  I do this so that you get all of me, my full attention, presence and dedication to your journey.

I would be honored to hold this sacred space for you.

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Sessions and Packages

Single Session


A Day With Sarah

For the High Performing Woman

3 Months
2 hour planning session
Two 30minutes weekly sessions 
Daily accessibility to me thorugh email and voice messaging. 

The Mothers Encouraged Program

10% of all packages are earmarked for this inspiring program for less fortunate moms.

1 hour

5 hours


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If you are feeling confused about what needs to change to achieve freedom from traumas of the past or blocks keeping you from your ideal productivity, I can help.

In this one hour session we will identify where your body is holding onto energetic blocks and identify the mind-body-spirit methods that you can use daily to achieve your goals.

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During this day just for you, we have a clear purpose; identify what has been holding you back within all aspects of the self, mind, body & spirit, then working together to gain clarity and identify your best methods for freedom and success.

Select BOOK to learn more details.

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This is the initial planning session for our 3 month journey together.

If you are interested in this time, than you have an authentic commitment to relieve traumas of the past, create your best productivity and actualize your grandest dreams. 

Your dedication also expands compassion to others.

10% of the fee for this package goes to The Mother's Encouraged Program.  This program offers unfortunate mothers access to my Inspirational Tool Box for Mothers and Their Children subscription and a 2 hour monthly healing group valued at a monthly fee of $150 for only $10 a month.

Select BOOK to learn more

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This is an opportunity for you to uplift other women who cannot financial manage working with me or other mentors directly.  10% of all For The High Preforming Woman packages are earmarked to fund this empowering program.

This program offers women The Inspirational Tool Box for Mothers and their Children plus a 2 hour monthly Healing Group at a monthly value of $150 for $10 a month.


Contact Sarah

Glad to hear from you!