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Sarah Dionne,


Yoga Psychotherapy, Life Coach

"This is about Motherhood Redefined where you, as a woman, get to know who you are beyond all of it; beyond family, beyond career, beyond the to-do's of life.  A true journey of growth, self discovery and love."

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Meet Sarah

Am I the

right therapist for you?

Here you will get the strategies and guidance you need to discover what will fulfill you and create true happiness in your life...

I have been a spiritual seeker all of my life, searching for identity, for what was missing.  I began my spiritual search at 19, exploring different faiths and studying teachers.  In 2004 I discovered Shivinanda Yoga.  I fell in love with Yoga and dove into its teachings.

 I still had a long way to go in my own healing.  After recovering from trauma and an eating disorder, in  2009 I began a masters in social work for psychotherapy at Simmons College, focusing my studies on spirituality.  I continued to practice Yoga and decided to became a certified instructor so I could share its wisdom with others...yet , through it all, I continued to feel lost. 

And then I became a mother.  

For a year and a half I suffered with postpartum OCD and anxiety and a resurgence of bulimia until, after much of my life searching and  seeking, I finally woke up.  There are few words that can describe a Spiritual Awakening...after all of those years thinking I could find the answers in somewhere or someone else, I finally discovered complete fulfillment within myself.

Today I focus my work on women and mothers who are feeling stuck, lost or unfulfilled.  Maybe there is painful anxiety, frustration with body image, guilt or resentment toward yourself or others.  Even if you're surrounded by abundance you may somehow still feel like you're not enough, or as if what's around you is empty.  There is no need to continue your path alone.  Great joy and happiness are waiting for you. 

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Love all of you - Mind, Body & Spirit"

- Sarah

Our work together focuses on:

empowerment, self-love, embracing the body, mind and spirit, creating joy and fulfillment, discovering your life's deeper meaning while fostering appreciation for family, career and all of life's abundance.


 Yoga Psychotherapy 

Yoga psychotherapy is a unique and effective method of intertwining the body, mind, and spirit within psychotherapy and life coaching.  It is not similar to a typical Yoga class and differs from "Yoga therapy".  The fundamental movements and practices of Yoga are used within the context of a session to experience mindfulness, presence and grounding.  Through exploring these experiences, negative emotions and beliefs that have been blocking you can be uncovered and resolved.

In combination with Yogic movement, breath work and meditation practices are an important part of  furthering your transformation, including Yogic techniques that you will be able to use on a daily basis to sustain long lasting change.


PSYCH-K® is a powerful method of changing underlying beliefs that stand between you and your goals... quickly.  It is a combination of applied kinesiology and deep introspection that creates the internal environment for brain integration; that is the synthesis of the conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds.

I integrate PSYCH-K® into Yoga psychotherapy when it is clear an old belief is standing in the way of change., the benefits can be profound.  Imagine being able to choose what you desire to think and believe regardless of others' opinions.  Imagine feeling free to be you... authentically you.  That is what PSYCH-K® offers. 

 Life Coaching 

Life Coaching is geared toward making concise life changes.  Some people desire to improve a career or pursue a passion. I use life coaching with moms and moms-to-be to make changes that will help them stop the cycle of disordered eating and body shame and step into the life they deserve.


Sometimes we don't know what needs to change in order to feel at peace with our bodies.  This is where Yoga psychotherapy and life coaching intertwine.  We discover the underlying beliefs that are holding you back and then, with concise daily changes and Yogic techniques, we create a path toward your goals.

I offer other creative methods tosustain change including weekly emails and letter correspondence. Contact Sarah to learn more about these unique and effective strategies for change.


Practicing Yoga

Sometimes in Yoga psychotherapy we use postures to include the body in our work.  Mindful movement brings forward beliefs, emotions or experiences that have been held within the body.  Once these issues come forward we can use therapy and other elements of Yoga to heal.  

The postures chosen can be practiced during or between sessions.  It's very individual which posture we might use and would always fit her Yoga experience, physical needs and comfort level.

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Quiz For Clarity

A brief quiz to to bring some clarity and guidance to your journey of self-discovery

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Discover your intuition, your highest self, that will guide you even when you feel lost or confused

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This video is tailored to women with postpartum anxiety but is useful for ALL TYPES of anxiety.  In this you'll find two restorative postures to soothe stress and relieve the tension of anxiety

How we can connect

By using virtual online therapy, I am able to help women around the country and beyond.  Through the use of online platforms, we can easily come together from a distance and create the same lasting change.

If you're ready to begin your personal journey to healing... I can help.  It would be wonderful to hear from you.  I will be quick to respond, within 24 to 48 hours (usually 24!) because I know it can be hard to reach out. 

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Schedule a free consultation

with Sarah

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I look forward to our time together. 

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"Yoga is a dance with the Spirit,

there's so much more than just postures...the dance is also within our minds and our authentic selves.  Yoga opens our eyes to who we really.  It allows us to let go of all the things that are holding us back so that we can discover what will fulfill us, what will make us truly happy and alive"

Sarah Dionne

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My Work is My

Calling and my


As my purpose and livelihood, with it I intend to create abundance and joy for my family and for the world. 


Combining money with spiritually centered work might seem complicated.

I view money as a tool, nothing more.  I understand that most of us have very strong emotions tied in with money, which I have experienced myself. 

Money can work as a tool for growth in many ways.  Often times we are willing to invest it in other things, but not our own healing. 


Yet, is there anything more important than healing into our best selves?  

I invest money into my personal healing and I call others to do the same.  With our investment will come incredible change because now we fully understand that we are equally as valuable as anything else in our lives. 

Financial wealth is never the center of any spiritual journey.  It can simply be an afterthought, a welcomed extension of sharing love and light.

I call all people with wealth to use it to foster love and abundance in the world.


"The biggest embrace of love you'll every make is to embrace yourself completely.  Then You'll realize you've just embraced the whole universe, and everything and everybody in it"


is Important to me and I Know it's Important to You.

I always want to help, so I offer clarity and authenticity from the beginning.  Here are some important things about me and my practice that you should know right up front. 


However, no matter what I'm always glad to hear from you, even if you're not looking to work together.

"Being your authentic self is the ultimate secret to happiness in life"

-Sheri Fink


Am I the Right 

Fit for You?

Investing in You

Individual sessions are private pay, I do not currently accept health insurance.

I provide various ways to work together besides one to one that may be free or affordable for you.

The people that benefit most from working with me are women and moms who are feeling lost, overwhelmed or empty that see the need for change.

I also specialize in the healing of eating disorders and offer lower cost session packages for adolescents.

I work with two to three clients at a time free of charge reserved for people that have no health insurance or financial means to access services (currently I have one space available).

I'm a lightworker, which basically means that, from Divine inspiration, I understand that my sole purpose in the world is to spread love and light.

People that Benefit Most

Eating Disorders

Pro bono Work

Love & Light

All of my work is based in abundance, love and compassion


Contact Sarah

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Tel: 207.333.8521 

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