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Sarah Dionne,

MSW, LICSW, Certified Ayurvedic Nutritionist

Psychotherapy, Ayurvedic Nutrition & Artist

By embracing all aspects of yourself , you can discover the power of self-compassion to create unity in spirit, peace of mind and rejuvenated energy.

Within self-compassion lies the solution to balancing holistic health with the demands of our busy lives.

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Meet Sarah

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I'm so glad you're here.  I am sure there is a reason we are crossing paths because all things align for a purpose.

Because I believe that we all need and deserve to feel at peace with our challenges, struggles and limitations, because I believe that self-compassion is the answer to restoring joy and fulfillment, I dedicate myself to my work as a psychotherapist.

So many of us have aspects of the self that we view as limitations, unacceptable parts of ourselves that seem impossible to "fix".  Whether it be a mental health problem, our body images, eating disorders or trauma, there are times in our lives that these can feel profoundly disempowering.

I get it.  I have lived with bipolar and ocd since childhood.  I have experienced trauma and a life story that was complex and chaotic.  I have dealt with eating disorders and a hateful body image.  There have been times in my life that these experiences seemed like barriers to fulfillment and success.  Today I know different.

I have discovered that our most difficult challenges and most complex stories can be assets in our healing  They can hold the potential to create our greatest joy, happiness and fulfillment.  

Within our journey together, we will navigate through challenges that have become areas of pain, holding you back from the life you deserve to live.

Validating your struggles while rewriting your narrative, with compassion we can transform what were once blocks into assets that propel you forward.


The Journey is to Discover the Unity and Power of our Entire Selves,
Mind, Body & Spirit

- Sarah

My Methods

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Mental Health Healing is all about

  • Transforming perceived limitations or problems into forces of empowerment.

  • Intertwining individualized holistic practices into your daily life to maintain momentum and manifestation

  • Specific techniques to apply deep compassion for clearing the mind while lifting mood and spirit into a state of renewed power.


Through our work together we

  • Access authentic self-acceptance and embody the Divine Feminine as the foundation of love and compassion

  • Integrate mental health issues and traumas into the self to achieve whole health

  • reconnect with and empower dreams that may have seemed sabotaged by perceived blocks, rejuvenating  hope and purpose.

EMDR Therapy

EMDR is a life changing therapy that is unmatched by any other method.

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.  Essentially, this method engages both neurological science with psychotherapy in order to create massive change in how we feel about and view negative life experiences.

EMDR was initially used to help people reclaim freedom over their lives after extreme trauma, such as front-line combat.  However, it was soon discovered how this therapy could be used to address a multitude of other concerns and challenges beyond extreme trauma, including upsetting life events that seem to stick with us, emotional distress related to OCD, coping with chronic pain, recovering from addiction and more.

However, EMDR isn't for everyone.  If you're interested in exploring this for your own healing, we would first engage in psychotherapy to see if this would be helpful to you.

Ayurvedic Nutrition

Ayurveda is an ancient science for wellbeing and the sister-science of Yoga.  Ayurvedic nutrition is as much about the mind as it is about what we eat.

How we think about ourselves and our choices impacts our digestion and overall well-being.  While clinical nutrition believes that digestion begins in the mouth, Ayurvedic Nutrition believes it begins in the mind.

Anxiety about our food choices interrupts digestion and can cause many problems including GI disorders, weight gain and more.  

Ayurvedic Nutrition will help you learn how to eat in alignment with your specific body type (dosha) that will help you achieve your goals.  It can also me included in psychotherapy as part of a holistic journey to mental health healing.

Energy Healing

As an intuitive, I frequently bring energy insight and healing into sessions if it resonates with you.

I practice energy insight through tuning into the chakra system and giving you the images, symbols and messages that come through.  

Following this insight we explore various ways of healing, both through our work together and practices to be carried out at home.

The goal of my work is to empower women to engage in their personal energy and create healing within their own lives, therefore, a large part of energy work is education, self study and practice.

Through this, incredible healing can occur.

Working with Laptop

By meeting virtually, I am able to mentor women around the country and beyond.  Through the use of online platforms, we can easily come together from a distance and create powerful change.

If you're ready to begin your journey to success and healing... I can be your guide.  It would be wonderful to hear from you.  I will be quick to respond, within 24 to 48 hours.