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We help people

create the fulfilling & happy lives they deserve

Heal Mind Body Spirit

Whole Health Collaborative 

Our Mission is to provide authentic psychotherapy, life coaching and holistic care supporting people to create the fulfilling and happy lives they deserve.

Our Providers

Meet our experienced team of psychotherapists.  All of our practitioners have been in practice for 15 years or more.  We are dedicated to the work we do in supporting others to create enriching and fulfilling lives.

"Each one of us is so passionate about helping others.  We want people to live fully, freely... not just stable.  We want people to experience joy and happiness, which is what we all deserve."

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"We are passionate about what we do and hope to help your life grow into the one you desire and deserve."

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Sarah Dionne

EMDR therapist 
& Intuitive

Sarah guides you to embrace perceived limitations, creating empowerment, joy and success.  Sarah has lived with bipolar and ocd since childhood.  At times these challenges felt totally disempowering.  Through years of personal seeking, professional practice & self study, Sarah has come to understand the power of compassion when living with challenges, transforming them into empowerment.  Whether it's mental health, complex life stories or trauma, Sarah can guide you to transforming them into your greatest asset and most powerful tools for success.

Lauren Littlefield

Psychotherapist and 
School Adjustment Counselor

Lauren believes that all of us deserve to have good mental health, regardless if is seems like a "big deal" or not, "if it is bothering you, then it is a big deal".  Lauren offers you an honest approach to changing your ways of thinking and behaviors to help you conquer and cope with important issues such as anxiety, depression, family problems, child and adolescent behavioral issues, and many more to help you feel whole again, to find your calm again, and to help build your confidence again.

Melissa Shea

Psychotherapist and 
School Adjustment Counselor

Melissa specializes in psychotherapy and life coaching using practical methods to address your needs.  She believes in the power of meaningful human connection and purposeful relationships.  Together, you will explore where you may be feeling disconnected or have unfulfilled needs. Melissa will help you develop effective methods to engage in, and maintain, nourishing long-lasting relationships.  

Lori Hoyt

Marriage & Family Counselor and Psychotherapist

Lori is a seasoned family therapist, couples counselor and children's therapist.  Her expertise lies in accountability and  communication to improve relationships and lives.  Lori has extensive experience working with domestic violence and addressing the complex trauma that results.  She also works with clients who struggle with anger management or struggle with substance abuse.  She is extraordinarily compassionate and open, offering a safe space to open up and heal.

Chris Bean

Marriage & Family Counselor and Psychotherapist

“Chris is a seasoned psychotherapist who is passionate about his work. Leveraging extensive professional training and personal insight, he provides compassionate guidance to individuals, couples, and families seeking support.

Specializing in men's issues, Chris adeptly navigates challenges such as PTSD, parenting struggles, anger management, and work-related stress for his individual clients.

His proficiency also extends to assisting first responders, active military members, and veterans, employing a skilled approach to support their well-being.”

"It was when I stopped searching for home within others and lifted the foundations of home within myself I found there were no roots more intimate than those between a mind and body that have decided to be whole"

-Rupi Kaur

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