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Our Mission is to provide authentic psychotherapy, life coaching and holistic care supporting people to create the fulfilling and happy lives they deserve.

Sarah Dionne, LICSW

The Story Behind

the Collaborative

Since I was young I battled bipolar disorder, OCD, eating disorders and a shameful body image.  My life felt empty as I wandered the world in search of myself; from Europe to Japan, Florida to Maine, I tried to find happiness and relief... when I didn't find it, I felt hopeless.  In 2004 I finally gave up my lonely battle and got the help I needed... it was then I discovered Yoga and began to understand that healing my mind was not even half the battle... I needed to work on my body and spirit as well.

Since then I have become a licensed psychotherapist & Yoga instructor, I’ve worked with a lot of different people in a lot of different places.  Through these experiences I began to clearly see what the mental health field lacked.  It is centered on treating the mind and often leaves out the body and spirit.

The inspiration for Whole Health Collaborative came suddenly in October, 2018.  The vision was clear, a group of independent providers working together to create a holistic and peaceful environment for healing the body, mind and spirit.  The Universe conspired with me as things quickly fell into place. The Collaborative took full shape in August of 2019.  

Now we are a busy practice of three talented psychotherapists.  All of us offer different expertise and insight, all of us understand that the whole person must be considered to help him or her toward personal growth.

The Collaborative is still growing and changing in beautiful ways with the loving support of the team, family and friends.  We believe in our mission and hope that you will have the opportunity to visit us, to utilize the gifts we offer, and discover who you really are.

"The body, mind and spirit are not connected … they are one.  We simply cannot address one aspect of the triad and expect to fully heal."
- Sarah Dionne 

Here you will find a broad range of specialties to help you with the specific problem you're having.  Lori, Melissa, and Sarah have been in practice for many years and are experts in their fields.  

"Each one of us is so passionate about helping others.  We want people to live fully, freely... not just stable.  We want people to experience joy and happiness, which is what we all deserve."

Your Providers

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Mind, Body, Spirit Mentor for High Preforming Women

Sarah is a Yoga Psychotherapist and Life Coach.  She works with women,very often mothers, who feel unfulfilled or unhappy.  Maybe from the outside a woman "has it all", but the inside feels empty or lost. Sarah can help you discover the path to your fulfillment.  She is an expert in holistic counseling, integrating mind, body & spirit in therapy.  She believes that to fully heal, to fully actualize the woman you deserve to be, all of these areas need attention.  Sarah would be glad to offer you a free consultation, click below to learn more about her and to schedule your free session.

Psychotherapist & School Adjustment Counselor

Melissa specializes in psychotherapy and life coaching using practical methods to address your needs.  She believes in the power of meaningful human connection and purposeful relationships.  Together, you will explore where you may be feeling disconnected or have unfulfilled needs. Melissa will help you develop effective methods to engage in, and maintain, nourishing long-lasting relationships.  

Marriage & Family Counselor and Psychotherapist

Lori is a seasoned family therapist, couples counselor and children's therapist.  Her expertise lies in accountability and clear communication to improve relationships and lives.  Lori has extensive experience working with survivors of domestic violence and addressing the complex trauma that results.  She also works with clients who struggle with anger management or struggle with substance abuse.  She is extraordinarily compassionate and open, offering a safe space to open up and heal.

"We are passionate about what we do and hope to help your life grow into the one you desire and deserve."

"It was when I stopped searching for home within others and lifted the foundations of home within myself I found there were no roots more intimate than those between a mind and body that have decided to be whole"

-Rupi Kaur

Our Mission 

Our Mission is to provide authentic psychotherapy, life coaching and holistic care supporting people to create the fulfilling and happy lives they deserve.

Sarah Dionne, MSW,  LICSW

mentor, psychotherapist, writer, artist, certified Yoga instructor and founder of WHC

Most providers available for online sessions!