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The Inspirational Tool Box

For Mothers and Their Children
with Sarah Dionne
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As a mom who has struggled with overwhelm and anxiety,
I understand how much moms need compassion for the challenges we face.

I believe all mothers deserve space to care for our personal wellbeing, which then allows us to be present for a joyful, loving connection with our children...

this is why I created The Tool Box."

The Inspiration 

JoAnna & The Spirit Frog

JoAnna and the Spirit Frog© was an inspiration that came to me years ago and later became the foundation for the Inspirational Tool Box. 

JoAnna is a vibrant young girl who seeks the compassionate support from her guide, the Spirit Frog.

The Spirit Frog is always there to give the kindness & wisdom she needs to navigate life's ups and downs.

Together, these two characters teach children  how to be compassionate to themselves and others, cope with the stress of life and more.

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It was clear how much the Spirit Frog could help children...but what about moms?  

As a mother, I know the huge impact we have on our children, but did you know the huge impact they have on US?  We all long to be caring, attentive moms, but if we are facing anxiety, stress or overwhelm can make that hard. 


When we feel like we are letting our children down it only makes the stress worse, it only pulls us further away from our children and further down into our anxieties.

We all need the love and compassion from our own "Spirit Frogs".  Understanding the impact moms have on kids AND the impact kids have on moms brought the Tool Box to life.

Moms and their children can experience the loving compassion they deserve along this sacred seven month journey to relieve stress, anxiety or overwhelm through Yoga, energy work, creativity and more.

I'm so glad you're here!

The Inspirational Tool Box

will be launching in 2022!


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Want to know what to expect from the Tool Box? 

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What is the Inspirational Tool Box?

The Inspirational Tool Box
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The Inspirational Tool Box is 28 E-Packages of holistic methods of healing for stress, anxiety and overwhelm through strategies based in compassion, holistic psychotherapy and energy healing.  All specifically tailored for mothers and their children.

Every week for seven months you will receive an e-package exploring one of the seven chakras, accessing your personal ability to heal and empower yourself.

You will receive guides to teach your children these same skills of compassion and healing in ways that are understandable and enjoyable for them.


Each month is dedicated to one chakra, every week accessing a deeper practice using the chakra's profound healing abilities.  

In month one you will access the strength and security of the Root Chakra.  Each week another layer of the chakra is explored and engaged for deeper levels of healing.  Month two enter the warmth and intimacy of the Sacral Chakra.  Month three access the empowerment and light of the Solar Plexus.  


Month four transition to the Heart Chakra through practices of compassion and self love.  Month five move into the creativity and self expression of the Throat Chakra.

Month six open the Third Eye Chakra, enabling clarity and insight.  

Month seven join these powerful energy centers together at the Crown Chakra.  Here, discover and engage spiritual connectivity and energetic alignment. 

"I put enormous effort into my work because it's important to me that what I give is effective and truly supportive.  The stress, anxiety, overwhelm or depression we face need  attention so that moms can create the change they want while receiving the validation and compassion they deserve."
- Sarah

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It is my mission to give moms the opportunity to receive the compassion and support they need and deserve.

Sarah Dionne, LICSW

Founder of Whole Health Collaborative

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For Mothers...

You will receive strategies and exercises based on many years of practice and expertise in mental health therapy the holistic traditions of Yoga and energy healing.  
The different tools and strategies you will receive  create insight and mindfulness, which are then used alongside journaling and meditation videos.
Putting all of these techniques together is a powerful method of manifesting peace, balance and desired change.

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Weekly Practices for Moms

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Some single prints available at my 

JoAnna and the Spirit Frog© is for your child, Ayana Cards© are for you.

The name Ayana means to eternally blossom, to forever continue to grow and achieve goals.  

Based on the many mothers I have worked with through the years and also on myself, Ayana Cards© capture the emotional and spiritual experiences of motherhood.

Through affirmations and meditations, these cards provide validation, insight and wisdom to uplift and support moms every week.

Affirmation & Meditation Cards for Mothers

For Your Child...


JoAnna and the Spirit Frog©

"JoAnna and the Spirit Frog©" are charming characters that offer wisdom, encouragement and compassion.

They  provide moms with support around the stress of finding the right words to help our kids through confusing and overwhelming times.

These cards are based in mental health therapy for kids along with Yoga and Taoism; traditions founded in compassion, balance and acceptance. 

These three practices allow kids to create vital tools for coping and mental health stability through their life times

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Affirmation & Meditation Cards for Children

In these original works by Sarah Dionne, you'll discover a young and insightful girl who often finds herself struggling with the challenges in her life.

However, JoAnna has a strong bond with her wise spirit animal, the Spirit Frog.  

With his compassion and wisdom, JoAnna walks through the trials of her life with the unending love of the Universe by her side.

Your children will receive expert insight, validation and compassion from the Spirit Frog as this endearing girl brings forward questions, fears, joys and blessings relevant to your children.  You will also receive a short guide offering ways to effectively communicate with your kids around various issues.

to ease the stress around finding the right words to talk to children about confusing or difficult things. 

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Some single prints available at my 

We All Need Some Inspiration

It's easy to get caught up in life, lose sight of our hopes, feel discouraged and become overwhelmed by motherhood.  It happens to me, it happens to all of us. 


weekly inspirations and guidance specifically for us as mothers truly helps.  It reminds us that we are powerful women, it allows us to feel validated and understood, it keeps our minds focused on a balanced and fulfilling path.

It reminds us that we all deserve compassion even during the hardest times.

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Launching in 2022!
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The Mothers Encouraged Program

As a Compassion Mentor for Powerful Women, I believe that a vital part of expansion is to practice outward compassion during our mentorship. 

In this program, 10% of profits from each mentorship is earmarked to give back to women  who do not have access to substantial financial resources.

Mothers enrolled in this program receive The Inspirational Tool Box for Mothers and their Children along with access to a monthly 2 hour Healing Group with me.

The value of this Program is $150per month, however, mothers that are enrolled receive this for just $10 a month for 7 months (the length of the